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Importation service

CPF Francia holds all the legal authorizations to perform importations of alcohol in Mexican territory. This allows to provide additional services that are not available for everyone.

Importation of our brands

We work closely with French producers and brokers in order to get exclusive brands that will only be imported by CPF. This is the reason why we do not have an extensive catalog, we wish to develop our products at the highest level possible.

Personalized Importation

Third parties who wish to buy a product from a producer or broker abroad won't necessarily want to go through the authorization process, and even less get approved by it. CPF Francia provides a service by which it is possible to buy any wine and liquor form abroad, we will take care of its importation and delivery in the Mexican territory.


A network of distributors and buyers at national level in all 31 Mexican states, and all this in less than 2 years.


Distributors are companies under contract with CPF Francia as a legally authorized representative of our brands within a determined zone, in order to sell them to retail, horeca sector and wholesale.


Independent contractors working for their own account, with a contract allowing them to prospect with CPF's Brands and sell them on our behalf to certain distribution channels.

Direct Sales

CPF Francia is moderating its direct sales process limiting it to big groups only in the retail, wholesale and horeca distribution channels. It allows a better control despite the volume being moved.


With combined experience of over 50 years, the CPF team has gathered an extensive database of validated and tested buyers in 132 countries. Take advantage of this opportunity.

Wine and Liquors

Those are the most common products we help enter in new markets in all 5 continents. We have worked with products from 7 different countries.

Other Beverages

Our contacts are opened to other kinds of products, including non-alcoholic beverages. We have successfully worked with international brands in Asia and North America.

How does it work?

Contact us with your request, we will send you a form to fill out, and in under a week you will have our reply. We will begin work from there according to your requirements.


CPF Francia is in touch with various talent agencies, artists, public personalities and possesses its own marketing team in order to propulse our brands to the next level and trend.


Each brand imported by CPF Francia is assigned to a band, singer or a popular artist as his/her exclusive brand. The products will be present at any events and public representation of this personality.

Traditional Media

We thrive to position our brands in TV programs, radio podcasts, magazines and all traditional media thanks to agreements with various actors in the entertainment industry.


Not only wine shows and salons, CPF is participating in public events with brands matching the crowd, theme and atmosphere of the place. Our team is always analyzing our opportunities to bring products to as many events as possible.

Our platforms

CPF Francia is highly advanced in terms of use of technology to lead its activities. We are a green company, meaning we do not print any paper. All our forms, contracts, invoices and other documents are generated and signed within CPF Francia's online systems, thanks to advanced developers helping to constantly improve our tools.

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Sample of our catalog

CPF Francia only selects few products for its catalog for a simple reason: we work only with brands that have not yet reached our market, and in which we place our trust, time and energy to launch them within all the distribution channels. Also, we only accept one brand per appellation as to not bring competition between our products. In the case a producer does manage various brands for a same appellation, we will accept to work more than one brand.

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